July 28, 2019 Parade Event Summary (What, Where & When)


Event: Parade

12:00pm to 3:00pm 900 Boylston Street to City Hall Plaza

Location: Hynes Convention Center.

Participant  Check-In: 9:00am

Volunteer Check-In: 8:30am

****Boston police inspections will begin from 10am to 11:30am



Parade Street line up for participants – participantes

1. Exeter St. – GPS: 710 Boylston St. Beginning of Parade always has to start this way – Advance unit – Fire-BPD-EMT’s, Mayor – P.R. Float/Grand Marshall – Grand PR Flag –  (Giant Puerto Rican Flag)-carried by our community people and volunteers.

2. Ring Rd/Boylston St. – First Division of Parade – GPS: 772 Boylston St. (TBD)

3. Fairfield St./Boylston St. – Second Division of Parade – GPS: 799 Boylston St. (TBD)

4. Gloucester St./Boylston St. – Third Division of Parade – GPS: 900 Boylston St. (TBD)

5. Hereford St. and Boylston St. – Queen Division of Parade – GPS: 939 Boylston St. (TBD)

6. Dalton St. – GPS: 939 Boylston St. (TBD)


**Best standing area for Parade fans will be from the Boylston street side of the Boston Public library all the way to cambridge street City Hall Plaza.

**La mejor posición para los fanáticos del desfile será desde el lado de la calle Boylston de la biblioteca pública de Boston hasta el cambridge street City Hall Plaza.

 We look forward to seeing you there!  -  Los Esperamos verlos allí!

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