If you would like to volunteer to help with the parade, please download the Volunteer Event Summary and fill out the form below.

Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts

P.O. Box 181046, Boston, MA 02118

Tel: 617-857-258-1301

Email: puertoricanfestivalofma@yahoo.com

Basic Duties of Parade Volunteers
  • Answer questions from spectators. (Don't worry; we'll help you with answers to commonly asked questions.)

  • Be firm, but friendly. You'll help keep the parade route clear of obstacles. For the safety of everyone, parade Volunteers will help maintain the curb line, preventing spectators from moving into the street.

  • Be available from check-in at 8:00 am, until 3:00 pm (After some minor activities to return the streets to normal auto traffic, the volunteer’s post-parade event will begin at the parade Headquarters. City hall Plaza)

  • Be pleasant and helpful.

  • Be willing to have fun. Most people who attend our parade are well behaved. So, your job is often not very difficult, meaning you'll have more fun


Volunteering Details

Parade Volunteers should be present on parade day from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm.

That morning, volunteers will check in at the parade Headquarters, located at Hynes Convention Center 900 Boylston St. This is where you'll get your assignment to an area along the parade route. 


Volunteering: Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Q: On parade day, where should I go first?

A: At 8:00 am on parade day, all volunteers should arrive at the parade Headquarters, which is at the Hynes Convention Center Boston 900 Boylston St. a staff will check you in, answer any last-minute questions, and assist with getting you to your designated volunteer location.


Q: Where should I park, if I am driving?

A: Due to the location of the parade, parking is difficult so the MBTA should be used. If you are still driving the following close parking lots are the Hynes Convention parking lot at 50 Dalton St. Phone: 617-247-8006 or the Boston Common Garage at zero Charles St. 617-954-2098 are available for a fee and a brief walk to the Hynes Convention Center Parade Headquarters. 


Q: Which stop should I use, if I am riding on MBTA?

A: If riding on the MBTA, The Hynes is just step away from four stations: Hynes Convention Center, Copley Square and Prudential on the Green Line, and Back Bay on the Orange Line. -From there, it is a short walk north to the Parade Headquarters. Please visit mbta.com for more information.


Q: How long will I be needed on parade day?

A: We ask that all volunteers check in at the Headquarters at 9:am and you will be assigned to a street designated location along the parade route. The parade begins at 12:00 pm. After the parade conclusion passes your volunteer area, you'll be needed for some minor cleanup to return the street to regular traffic. Your area's block captain will coordinate this effort and then release you to return to the Headquarters, where the volunteer’s post-parade event will be held. Your volunteer commitment will end about 3:00 pm.


Q: Will food or beverage be provided to the parade volunteers?

A: We suggest that you have breakfast on your own, prior to your arrival at the Headquarters. Please bring a snack; water may be delivered to volunteers on the parade route.


Q: What is the post-parade event?

A: After the parade, volunteers will be provided with a pass to the volunteer-only post-parade event, which will take place at the PRF Board Headquarters tent at City Hall Plaza. This event is not open to the general public. It is a private event, so that we may express our thanks to you, our valued volunteer. At this event, you'll have the opportunity to get some food, beverage, and a place to sit and relax. You must have your shirt on and name on the volunteer list to enter. If you disappear after check-in in the morning you will not be allowed into the tent.


Q: Am I allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while volunteering?

A: Volunteers are NOT allowed to consume alcohol while performing their volunteer duties. We strive to run a family-friendly event, so we cannot have intoxicated volunteers representing our event. After the parade is over, you are free to consume "adult" beverages on your own time.


Q: Name three things I'll wish I'd brought with me to volunteer on parade day.

A: This would depend on the weather. For a rainy day, you'll want to bring a rain jacket and water proof shoes. For a sunny day, you'll want to bring sunglasses, suntan lotion, and a hat for shade. Remember - the parade goes on rain, or shine.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No, but dress for the weather. We do want you to stand out better in a crowd, though. We will give you a parade staff T-shirt on the day of the parade to be worn over your own clothing, so that you are recognizable as being a parade staff and yours to keep at the end of the parade.


Frequently Asked Questions That Volunteers Should Know The Answers To


Keep this with you or know it by memory. Our goal/meta is to always know why we are having this Festival & Parade. Having answers to the following most common question is good to know and help promote our cultural event.


Q: What’s your organization’s name?

A: Festival Puertorriqueño De Massachusetts Inc./ Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts Inc., a non-profit organization.


Q: Who is your organizer or president?

A: Reinalda “Chikie” Rivera from the South End of Boston.


Q: How long is this parade?

A: Almost 2 miles from start to finish.


Q: How much time does it take to get to city hall plaza?

A: 45 minutes to one hour from start to finish.


Q: How long has this parade been going on  or existed in Boston?

A: 50 years, since 1967 – it started in the South End of Boston.


Q: How many spectators or visitors do you think are here?

A: In 1967 we had 2,500 – today averaging about 185,000 or more.


Q: Why do you have this festival or Parade?

A: To promote our cultural awareness and understanding of Puerto Rican heritage, including the traditions, folklore and other contributions of this community to the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Q: How do we get involved or participate  in the parade?

A: Go onto the web site at: puertoricanfestivalofma.org